Promoting your video

Is it really possible to make a video that will go viral? This blog explores the possibilities

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Enhancing your Internet presence

A search at one of the popular search engines for your own business will reveal just how much a presence you have on the web. If you don’t figure on the 1st page itself, then you need to sit up and do something about it. Here is a list of things than can enhance your net presence.

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How to Recharge your Blog

A blog offering tips to recharging and popularizing your blog.

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Experience V/s Hard-core data in online marketing

When it comes to online marketing, you have plenty of machined data at your finger tips but how much of it should you trust? How do you arrive at he pure gold mine of data you can use for your online marketing?

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Running a Successful Marketing Campaign

A blog on running a successful marketing campaign

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Tips to Marketing Success on Facebook

For those of you who have undertaken ad campaigns on Facebook but have not been rewarded with success, here are my tips to marketing success on Facebook. I personally use each one of these and guarantee they work.

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Blog Selling Made Easy

This blog gives you an insight into how easy it is to sell your blog and make a huge profit.

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Google’s New and Enhanced AdWords Campaign Manager

A blog on Google’s New and Enhanced AdWords Campaign Manager explaining why you need to understand the changes and be careful with the new settings of your AdWords Campaign.

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Google Local Search Made more Powerful

Google Carousel is the latest addition to Google’s already powerful bag of indexing and search tools. Read how your business can take advantage of it.

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Profiting from Online Video Advertisements

As the number of internet users go up, so too the businesses advertising through video content. However, not all businesses seem to have understood or incorporated sound advertisement policies. Those that do, reap the profits.

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