Ephp Solutions offers You To Manage Your Ebay As Well As Amazon Store,

Ephp Solutions Company will Custom Design, Manage, and Run Your eBay Store. Our eBay Store Design and Management Services Even Handle the Store Inventory, Auctions, CRM, Sales, Customers’ Emails, Shipping Labels, Invoices & Much More.

Ebay Store Design Ebay Store

Get a custom eBay store designed and setup to effectively target your customers and sell your products. Our professional ebay storefront design services include:

  • Complete ebay store design and administrative setup.
  • Custom store logo.
  • Professional eBay store header design.
  • Ebay store category and keyword (META tag) setup.
  • Ebay store inventory and auction setup. (Prices vary according to size)
  • Extra eBay store about me or custom page design.
  • Optional regular ebay auction listings.
  • Optional eBay custom listing template.
  • Unlimited customizations available.

No contracts or time commitments. Our custom eBay store design, management, and advertising e-commerce services are targeted to give your business strong, lasting growth and profits.

eBay Store Design Options:

1) Standard custom eBay store design and setup. The standard custom eBay store design, displays the header at the top, categories and search functions to the left, and all of the products in the middle, consuming most of the page. This eBay storefront design setup plan is great because it highlights the products.

2) Premium custom eBay store (storefront) design and setup. This is for a 100% custom eBay storefront. The design can be approached more like a web site in that essentially any design or layout can be used. This approach is great, because we can control exactly how and what your customers see when they go to your eBay storefront.

Complete Ebay Store, Auction & Sales management:

Ebay Stores

Ephp Solutions Company will setup your eBay store, then even run and manage every online aspect. The custom eBay store management services literally take care running your entire eBay e-commerce business. Our custom eBay store management includes the following services:

  • Ebay store inventory setup & management.
  • We will run all your ebay auctions & store inventory listings.
  • Complete eBay CRM – Customer Relationship Management.
  • eBay & Paypal sales management.
  • Sending your customers’ Paypal invoices.
  • Forwarding shipping labels and even scheduling delivery pickups..
  • Intergize will handle your eBay customers’ questions, emails, and disputes.
  • Keyword Advertising Management – We Specialize in Yahoo, Google & MSN keyword advertising.
  • Ebay store maintenance & upkeep.
  • NO contracts!

With our custom eBay store management, you can start your professional eBay store without putting forth the endless hours. Every eBay store design and management project is different, contact us today for your free consultation and quote.

Custom Ebay Listing Template Design:

Custom eBay auction listing template design. Help advertise your ebay store, and cross promote your items with a custom listing template. Instead of using a plain text description, let your eBay listings display your store header, policies, hosted pictures or anything else. Your eBay listing template will increase sales with a professional appearance, perfectly displayed information, policies, and limitless pictures. You need to have hosting for pictures that will be used in the eBay listing template. This can be provided for under $10.00 per month.

Custom eBay auction listing template design

Amazon Store Management

Amazon Store Management

Gone are the days when door to door salesmen would do anything to earn that commission to sell your product. Sweat flowing down in the hot summers, freezing into a slab of ice, selling it in winter and wading in ankle deep water during the monsoon. Thank God marketing has evolved. Welcome to the Amazon WebStore – Every businessman’s dream retail outlet online set up without an investment, without a physical sale, without hiring floor managers and security guards.

You can now launch your own web business from the comfort of your house, at a click of a mouse. And if you’re the superstitious type, then get online and log into any temple where you can do an aarti without spending a penny on coconuts before you start. Visit Web Enrich and discover the selling power of Amazon’s technology at an affordable price.

Our Amazon Store Management experts at Ephp Solutions counsel and help you design and maintaining your online presence. We’ve been long enough in the market to provide you with our expertise and make sure our experts spend time briefing you on the salient features in this amazing online store.

Our professionals help create and manage your product descriptions and image in the form of a catalogue in an inventory. This gives you the power of receiving orders from a centralized place. Some of our proven Web Business features include marketing your product successfully by providing you with an online shopping cart, highlighting on our best buys and personalizing your products with your customers names, which we’re sure they will enjoy. Building a relationship with Web Enrich means a free and automatic registration to the worlds most visited store online, an account with Amazon.com and there you are- your very own branded online store.

Ephp Solutions and Amazon: e-commerce at its best!