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Malta Lanyards

A subsidiary of the much larger firm Malta Wristbands, which has been offering identity solutions for some time, is Malta Lanyards. When providing wristbands to our clients, it became clear that many corporate clients were also asking for unique lanyards. As a result, it was decided to launch a special website to sell this product to regional businesses seeking premium lanyards at affordable pricing. From our central office in St. Paul’s Bay, our sales and design teams create unique lanyard designs in accordance with customer requests. We are well situated to give advice and help about the optimum lanyard material for each occasion. This is thanks to our more than ten years of expertise in the event sector.

Modern businesses recognize the critical importance of maintaining brand consistency. Our creative design team will spare no effort to make sure that the design has the greatest visual impact in terms of text and logos. The vast majority of our customers are thrilled with the lanyard’s quality, as well as the finish and presentation. You may discover the least expensive custom-printed lanyards in Malta here if you are a company or organization seeking them. Send us an email for a free visual demonstration of the lanyard’s appearance and a price quotation. Customized lanyards are quick to produce, and we aim to fulfill all orders within 14 days after receiving approved artwork. You may click on each of the individual links for sublimation lanyards, woven lanyards, polyester lanyards, and nylon lanyards. If you need more information visit us.

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