Ephp Solutions offers Amazon Vendor Services. Our mission is to create an online environment that provides a trusted, safe and profitable marketplace for our business partners and customers. We offer comprehensive support for those who want to become Amazon Vendors by providing coaching, mentoring and guidance on any topic. In addition, we can help on behalf of those who are starting their own businesses.

We assist businesses in getting started on digital marketplaces like Amazon Marketplace, Ebay or Etsy. We offer a range of services from product research and development, marketing strategy implementation to sales management and customer service among others.

Amazon Vendor Services:

A subsidiary of Amazon.com, Inc., providing a broad range of commercial services to independent merchants and professional service providers across the globe. It offers various fulfillment services for small-to-medium businesses including storage and distribution centers, order management solutions, shipping, returns and refunds, invoicing and collections. Amazon Vendor Services also provides business consulting for startup companies in all industries by helping them identify opportunities for growth or partnerships with other companies in their industry. This might enable them to reach more customers or acquire new skillsets.

In addition to these services, the company offers global logistics that support more than 100 countries through its network of delivery station partners.

Amazon Vendor Services was launched in 2004 as AmazonSupply.com, a site that allowed manufacturers and distributors to sell their products directly to consumers through Amazon.com

In the late 2000s, AmazonSupply.com was rebranded as Amazon Vendor Services, offering third-party sellers the same e-commerce and fulfillment services that Amazon.com customers used for their own stores and orders. At the time, this offering included items like books and music from independent publishers and small manufacturing firms in addition to items from large retail brands. The company also launched a small business product selection called ProPoint in 2011.

In 2013, Amazon extended its range of business services to include back-office services for the e-commerce industry such as credit card processing and payment processing. This was made possible through an acquisition of SimpleReach in 2013 which allowed it to extend its reach into the banking and financial services industry. It also acquired institutional brokerage firm MF Global in 2011.

In 2014, Amazon launched a program that allowed independent agents to use its fulfillment services. Its agents were able to access Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), which was previously only available for third-party sellers on the Amazon Marketplace platform.

In 2016, Amazon launched professional services for companies including legal, accounting and consultancy. The company also acquired Helion in 2016.

In 2017, Amazon launched a pilot program that allowed inventors to launch their products on the Amazon marketplace. The program was called the Inventor Initiative (VI). Amazon also expanded its seller services to include third-party sellers from outside of the United States in 2018.