The erstwhile British Empire covering Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, the Philippines, and countries to the East was known more for providing spices and manual laborers than as a place to hire a skilled office staff.

Post-British era, these countries especially India have taken huge strides in self-education and other spheres. India today, is a powerhouse that not only provides consumer goods, but also provides highly educated, skilled, and trained staff that works as virtual assistants for the UK.

UK-English-based education in India has proven to be a boon and has helped in building a vast pool of human resources with an average biological age of just 22.

With the UK witnessing unprecedented inflation, the one and most effective way of buckling the trend is to hire virtual assistants from India. Every penny saved is a penny less in costs and a penny more in profits. There is no place for sentimental values.

The solution we and developing countries of Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Philippines, and Sri Lanka offer are, virtual assistant services.

You can find virtual assistants in Sri Lanka, virtual assistants in the Philippines, virtual assistants in Pakistan, virtual assistants in Bangladesh, and so forth. But the one country that truly leads in India.

Virtual assistants in India are far superior due to their average qualification which is graduation and, of these, a third tend to have post-graduation qualifications. Add to this, the fact that most have some form of on-job skills. They can speak fluent UK English in a manner that can easily be understood by UK citizens. Indian virtual assistants are also conversant with UK accounting, procedures, and laws.

These qualifications make Indian virtual assistants almost on par with skilled UK staff. The ultimate difference is the cost. Skilled India-based virtual assistants will usually cost you one-third of the same position in the UK. A 66% reduction in the office staff-related wage bill is just too good to pass.

Within India, Ephp Solutions is the top provider of backend services and virtual office staff. We ensure that each and every virtual assistant we provide is at minimum, a graduate and has one or more skills that make them ideal for any UK-based office.

Ephp Solutions also offers several attractive plans including fixed and pay-as-you-go. You can hire our Indian virtual assistants for as short or as long a term as you require. We can even provide specialized training that suits your particular job requirement. Please contact us today.