Social Media Optimization is one of the internet marketing techniques that includes a various methods to promote your product, service, website, or business on social media. Ephp Solutions Internet Advertising utilize all categories of Social Media to promote your company’s product or services thorough our Social Media Agency. Contact our Social Media Marketing firm for Social Media Marketing Plans and Services.

Ephp Solutions is one of the leading Social Media Agencies India offers Social Media Marketing strategies and Social media optimization (SMO) are employed by empowered Search Engine Optimization and Online Social Media Services to promote the site through the use of networking in social networks, social bookmarking, photo sharing site and video sharing sites.

We Categorized Social Media Marketing Service Following Way

  1. Social Media Optimization Services and Social Media Advertising Services For general networking, consider profiles on FacebookMySpaceTwitter and LinkedIn.
  2. Create Profile
  3. Develop Network, Make Friends, Join Communities
  4. Updates + Upload Pictures
  5. For images, look at Picasa, flicker and Web Shots.
  6. Create Title and Description
  7. Upload Photos and Images.
  8. For Video, consider Reviver and YouTube.
  9. Upload the Video
  10. Submit that video to different website for promotion.
  11. For article marketing, submit to industry publications and general article syndication sites like Article City.
  12. Article Creation
  13. Article Submission
  14. Track record of Approval and Pending
  15. For press releases marketing, targeting news search engines, syndicate via Business Wire or PRWeb.
  16. Create Press Release
  17. Submit Press Release
  18. Track Record of Approval & Pending
  19. Update Press Release
  20. Audio files can be submitted via iTunes or a variety of other podcast directories.
  21. For review, all content, tag and rate with sites like Stumble Upon, Digg and Delicious.