Price  : $ 516 / Month
Setup Fee: $ 0 (Limited time!)

The Level 1 plan is ideal for those whose Market Competition Level is Low, but can also accommodate Medium Niches quite well. This plan is also good for the websites who have already done some heavy SEO in the past, and just need a plan for maintaining their current rankings. Don’t be fooled by the low price, what you get here for $516/month is solid! This is probably one of the best SEO deals on the Web today.
In fact, for such a cheap price, most SEO firms will not even look at your website. We decided to launch this package to address the needs of the low-budget businesses out there who care about their rankings and website traffic.

Here is what you get in Level 1:

  • Extensive On-Site Optimization:
    We will optimize your Titles, Meta Tags, CSS Header, Website Structure. We will install an XML Sitemap for Optimal Indexation. We will take a deep look at your website and give you suggestions on how you can improve/optimize your content.
  • Google Analytics:
    We will install and Setup Google Analytics on your website, for monitoring visitor and content statistics every month.
  • Google Webmaster Tools:
    We will install and Setup Google Webmaster Tools for checking crawling and robot statistics and make sure the content is being crawled properly every day.
  • We Will Optimize Up to 2 Keywords:
    Either you provide us with the 2 keywords that you want to rank for, or we can do a keyword research ourselves and come up with interesting keywords for your niche. The choice is yours.
  • We Will Optimize Up to 10 Pages:
    We will optimize the internal linking structure of up to 10 pages. This is a critical step in SEO because Search Engine Robots analyse your internal links before checking external links. (Most webmasters forget that!)
  • 250 Directory Submissions/month:
    We will submit your Website to 250 Directories (ranging from PR1-PR9) per month. It is important to go slowly and steadily when it comes to directory submissions. All the submission work will be manual. A lot of SEO firms out there will tell you that they can submit your site to 5000 directories for the same price (that is because they use Black Hat Automated Software that will get your site banned in the long run! Be careful.)
  • 100 Social Bookmarks/month:
    Social Bookmarks are websites like Digg, Mixx, Yahoo Buzz, Delicious. They carry a lot of value and are excellent backlink sources. We will submit your website (including internal pages) to 100 Social Bookmarks every month. Again, slowly and steadily is the key. No automated software here.
  • 30 Blog Comments/month:
    we will post 30 Blog Comments per month on relevant external forums, using your keywords and URLs. This improves your SEO and your traffic over the long term.
  • RSS / Feed Submission to 100+ ping list:
    we will submit the RSS feed of your web 2.0 properties and blog to over 100 relevant blogs on the ping list.
  • 7 days a week Email Support:
    should you have any question about SEO/Web Marketing/Development/Design or about your website in general, our experienced team will provide you with 7 day email support.
  • Monthly Report:
    of course, like any decent SEO company, we will provide you with a monthly report outlining your rankings and your progress towards the 1st page.


  • Web Development:
    do you need a new website developed? If you take any of our SEO packages, we can develop a fully-customized and SEO-ready website for you (using WordPress or Joomla) for $599(1-5 pages maximum) *
  • Blogging:
    for those who take their SEO & web success seriously, blogging is an important element. Google and other search engines tend to give more value to websites who post fresh content on a regular basis. Blogging will also make your visitors come back to your site regularly for more information. It’s really a win-win situation. Our editors can write high quality blog posts (ranging from 350 to 500 words) that will be SEO-friendly and Reader Friendly. Cost is $75 per post. (add $299 to the package for 4 posts per month)
  • Email Marketing:
    this is another option that serious marketers never ignore. Do you want to start to capture your visitors’ email addresses so you can send them a monthly newsletter or product information? We can set up an Email Marketing initiative for you using AWeber**, the leader in Email Marketing Software. (Add $199 one-time setup fee)
  • The Website should be static in nature, no e-Commerce functionality. You are responsible of paying the domain name & the hosting fees. (We suggest GoDaddy for domain names & HostGator for hosting)
  •  AWeber is an external company. You are responsible for their monthly fees (They currently have a promotion: First Month is 1$, following months are $59.99 per month)

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Important Note: The Content of our Packages is subject to change at any time. Search Engines are constantly updating their ranking algorithms, which means that an SEO technique that worked 3 months ago might not necessarily work today. We stay ahead of the game by updating our packages on a regular basis to include the latest proven techniques.