The latest statistics on visually impaired indicates that there are over a million visually impaired in America alone. If your website caters to a world-wide audience then that figure could well be over 5 million.

Within USA, Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act requires that the website also cater to the visually impaired. Law apart, catering to the visually impaired actually increases your audience range leading to better revenue prospects. Our Electronic Document Compliance Services (EDCS) is aimed at making your website / webpage / or digital document, visually impaired friendly and 508 compliant.

Certified 508 Compliance
Our 508 Electronic Document Compliance Services exceeds all parameters mentioned in section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act. In fact, all EDCS documents created by us are unconditionally guaranteed as being accessible and compliant with Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act and include a time-stamped Adobe Acrobat Pro validation report and completed Health and Human Services checklist certifying compliance.

United States and World-Wide
With over 5,000 Compliance Document Conversion Services fulfilled, we are a leading Compliance service provider and while clients for this service are primarily based in the US, we also help clients located outside the United States in making their websites accessible to visually impaired. Our documents are also “reader” device compatible.

Catering to Small and Large Orders
Having setup an entire section dedicated to Electronic Document Compliance Services (EDCS), our company is fully capable of taking on large 508 Compliance orders. Furthermore, each project is supervised and upon completion, each document is human checked. Additional quality control is enforced by randomly selecting documents and testing them on reader devices and screen reader software.

Economical, Fast and Fully Certified
Call us today for all your Electronic Document 508 Compliance requirements. Our fees are exceptionally reasonable, we work fast and each converted document is Adobe Acrobat Pro validated.

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