Most bloggers are experts in the subject matter they cover. I’ve seen hundreds of blogs on various technical issues especially “how to..” topics written by street mart people. These folks may or may not have a college degree in the subject but they sure as hell have a lot of experience on the topic. Blogs written by them are a treasure trove of knowledge and receive a lot of visits from folks wanting answers on some topic or the other.

A couple of weeks back I had the opportunity to talk to some such blogger who was complaining about the large number of emails he receives. A look into the blog stats revealed that he receives an astonishing 6,000+ unique visits each day and the average time spent at his blog was 15 minutes.

Even more amazing was the lack of any kind of advertisement on the blog. I could not see any kind of monetization at all. I called him back and gave him a brief idea on how much money he could make. Initially he did not believe what I was telling him but that’s an old story now. As of today, he makes over $500 month from his blogs.

Selling your blog – How to monetize your Blog
Assuming you are monitoring your blog statistics and are duly impressed by your blogging success, your next stage would be to monetize your blog. Gone are the days when you had to undertake some PPC campaign and so on. Today you make a beeline to a company that hooks up web publishers and bloggers with affiliate advertising programs.

All you have to do is add links in your blogs with a short code embedded within. The code will be provided to you by takes the pain out of selling your blog. The entire backend is handled by them so all you have to do is concentrate on your creative skills.

Selling you blog – a look under the hood
Assume you are blogging on “How to shape a wood edge into a perfect curve”. In the process of writing the blog, you will in all probability have to provide links to several Do-it-yourself tools that would be required to complete the process. All you have to do is provide the pictures of these tools and link them via VigLink to a purchasing site such as (or similar). Providing details on how to go about it as well as details on the tools required makes sense from the user point of view. They do not have to go hunting for the tools.

Every time the visitor clicks the VigLink and buys a product (in this case some tool or the other), you have a small percentage and in a short span, you could make enough to earn yourself another salary.