Your blog statistics indicates that there are lots of people visiting your blog. Some stay on to read what you have written while others bounce off in a minute or less. You obviously can’t control who lands up at your site but of those that do seem to read your blog?

Statistics indicate the if people stay long enough, at least 10% of them will click on some advert or the other provided of course, the advert categories you’ve selected will interest the kind of people who come to read your blog. If these 10% are a sizable number, you could end up with a nice bonus money every month and your blogging efforts will have paid off handsomely.

On the other hand, what if you don’t have sufficient traffic but are interested in making money off your blogging activity? In that case, you would need to build up your traffic first. Start with your friends especially those on your social networking page. Ask them for a genuine feedback. Only a genuine feedback will provide you with an indication of whether your blogging activity is likely to succeed or not (succeed as in bringing in readers). If the feedback is negative then unless you can correct it real quick (change the blogging topics maybe?), you would only end up wasting your time.

At your prodding, your friends will probably visit your blog site once. If they feel you have the talent and find the blog interesting, they will return again. Ensure you have installed Google Analytics on your blogging site. It will indicate the number of visitors including, the number of repeat visitors. To start start making money think in terms of displaying adverts on your blog page, you need at least 5,000 unique visitors every month. Do your friends blog? Post comments on successful blogs and provide a url to your blog.

Visit other blogs that are in a similar category to yours. Post comments there mentioning the current topic of your blog. Again, don’t forget to post your url in the comment. Still having trouble garnering your 5,000 unique visitors? Try creating a eBook and offering it as a free download. The topic needs to be on the same lines as your blog.

If the eBook idea works for you, you could even go for affiliate marketing and offer the eBook for $2.99. Offer the affiliate $1.00 per download and you would still make $1.99 per download.

Couple of don’ts:

  • Don’t ever use a free domain name
  • Don’t ever use free hosting.

Neither of the above two is worth it. In fact, they could cost your valuable eyeballs because anything given free does not guarantee 24 x 7 up-time. Unknown to you, your blog could be invisible due to server failure or bandwidth limits more often than it is visible. Besides servers fees have come down dramatically these days and it is possible to get a good quality server that does not cost much.

Once you have everything up and running and you have a decent crowd visiting your blog, you can introduce adverts on your blog and start making money.