A search at one of the popular search engines for your own business will reveal just how much a presence you have on the web. If you don’t figure on the 1st page itself, then you need to sit up and do something about it. Here is a list of things than can enhance your net presence.

Tips to creating your account at Google Places for business

  • Create an account at Google Places for Business (http://www.google.co.in/business/placesforbusiness/) by entering your business description.
  • While describing your business, know that Google allows you to enter links to your website, your blog site and even your social networking pages.
  • Your business description should use the same keywords as those used on the website.
  • You can add up to 3 images related to your business. These should preferably images of your office – the front and the inside and one product.
  • Register for Google Plus and link your Google Places for Business account with Google Plus. Google plus enables people who know about your business to rate and review your business.

Remember, nothing surpasses customer participation to help enhance your internet presence. Anyone with a Gmail account automatically has a Google Plus account. Google Plus and your Google Places for Business accounts are both self-feeding. As the number of reviews and rating increase, so does your search engine ranking and your internet presence.

Ever noticed that some sites show up in the Organic search results with Golden stars next to the name? – These appear based on their Google Plus rating. The stars displayed indicate to folks using Google search engines that the site has been high rated by customers and is therefore more trust worthy than other sites listed alongside it.

Another good way of enhancing your internet presence is by blogging. If you have a blogging site already, link it to your Google Plus account and your Google Places for Business account. The more networked your web presence is, the better and easier it will be for people to find you.

Social Media
Create business pages on Facebook, linkedin.com, twitter.com and pinterest.com Post regularly at all these social networking pages. In fact, you should pencil it in into your calendar. Set aside an hour say every weekend to update these pages. Once every month or so, your comments should include links to your others sites including website, blog and other social networking sites. Make your web presence into one large interconnected network. That way, the search engines can pick up on internal links and rank your web presence even higher.

Check out stuff that your prospective customers like. Personally you don’t have to like them yourself but participation is important. Participation brings about a degree of solidarity with your customers and in turn enhances their acceptance of your web presence.